As a former US Marine and 10 year veteran of fitness industry, I know what it really takes to get the body you have always wanted and the truth may surprise you.


style8  Are you concerned of your weight and overall health?

style8  Do you dream of gaining the energy to sustain you through the day?

style8  How would you like toned arms, a flat belly and more overall muscle tone?

style8  How would you like to work together with an experienced personable trainer to achieve your fitness goals?

style8  Are you ready for a supportive fitness program where you show up, put in work and you are guaranteed to see results?

Personal Trainer in San Jose




Unique and Intense Workout


style5  Average class size is 20.

style5  Unique and fun exercises.

style5  No class is ever the same.

style5  Specialized equipment ensures you to get a total body workout.

style5  Equipment includes, but is not limited to a TRX Suspension Systems, Rattle Ropes, Kettle Bells, Bosu Balance Trainers and Jump Sport Trampolines.


Supportive Community


style5  Large community of people working toward the same goal.

style5  Support system to drive greater achievement of goals.

style5  Monthly group activities outside of class.




San Jose, CA

terriWhen I first started Danny’s personal training program, I was weighing in at 250 lbs. I have put in 6 months of dedicated work, improving my strength, flexibility, stamina and overall health of my body. Currently, I am weighing in at 143 lbs. and I feel amazing! I am running 5.2 miles per day and working toward 10 miles. I have energy again and almost all of the activities that I do are outdoors in the sunshine.


“Currently, I am weighing in at 143 lbs. and I feel amazing!”

San Jose, CA

nettiWithout Danny’s encouragement, motivating me each week to improve myself, I doubt I would have the awesome life I have made for myself now. Danny has an awesome sense of humor and really loves what he does. Going to see him for my personal training workouts was something I looked forward to each day instead of viewing it as burden. If you are looking to really get fit in a completely new way, give Danny Garcia a change, it just might change your life too.


“Danny has an awesome sense of humor and really loves what he does!”

7 Amazing Results

style5  3-5% reduction in body fat.

style5  5-12+ pounds in weight loss.

style5  1-3″ decrease in your midsection.

style5  Dramatically improved body alignment and quality of movement.

style5  100% gain in total self-confidence.

style5  Better relaxation with quadruple the energy and stamina.


San Jose, CA

julieI highly recommend Danny as profesional trainer. His approach to fitness is unique and terrifically fun. My strength, stamina and overall energy have increased tremendously! Danny is passionate and very insightful about his work and a master at analyzing movement and finding the perfect exercises you need to strengthen and bring balance to your body. Expect a very rewarding and fun fitness experience!


“Expect a very rewarding and fun fitness experience!”

San Jose, CA

brettI’m a type of guy who gets very bored with traditional workouts. This wasn’t the case here. The level of Danny’s coaching, training, and dedication is EXTREMELY rare. Most personal trainers DO NOT have the same dedication, intuition, and knowledge that he has. His sincerity, skill and experience transforming the lives of others WILL and CAN bring anyone to reach their goals as he did mine. Thank you so much, Danny. You ROCK!


“Thank you so much, Danny. You ROCK!”




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